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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another dog day

The rain is pelting down. We take a quick one-mile stroll through the school yard and neighborhood. The dogs do their business in a hurry, eager to get off the dripping streets. Today it's dry dog food day, which they gulp before a snooze in the crates.

I have to finish editing my conference paper, so I pull sweaters on their little bodies and put them on the sun porch, along with some toys. When I come back, they're ready to come in. They refuse to play without me in the room, though they tussled plenty in the office earlier.

I blame the poop left in my office after lunch on Spike since I've never caught Bella in an accident. They both look innocent. Argh, I didn't see it happen, though I was in the room. I had just let them back from outside, too! Spike doesn't seem to be able to predict when he has to go, and doesn't know how to tell me when he needs out.

Spike steps on the treadmill for the first afternoon trot. (Maybe he needs a diversion.) He maintains a steady pace, the tags clinking on his collar. Bella lies down beside me on a fleecy rug, waiting her turn. Good doggies.

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