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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We had a nice (1.5 mile) walk this morning. It's cold and Spike is almost naked under that fleecy coat. We're working on getting the treadmill walks down, too. Each spent 5 minutes trotting on the conveyer.

There were growling, licking, chewing, and other disgustingly funny noises coming from the two black heaps rolling around my office floor an hour ago. It looked and sounded like a fierce dogfight for about 3 seconds. Bella pounced on Spike. He pretended to chew on his Beanie Baby while gnawing on her. He held the toy under his paws, she'd pretend to grab it, swipe at him and snarl like a maniac, then chew on his ears and jowls. He'd reciprocate by charging her, licking her tummy (yes, she rolled over), lying beside her so she could paw him, etc. It was a lot of loud bluster and play.

Now they're busy hunting for kibble. "Find!" and off they go. I hide dog food samples under the rugs, behind furniture, and in their beds. It takes them almost 15 minutes to find all the little pieces but they stay at it longer. Hopeful. Both are good trackers and learning to use nose and paws to unearth their finds. They are so triumphant while crunching the little pebbles. (We only do this in the office so they don't think they can go rummaging through the house.)

It may snow tonight - but we're planning to put them on the treadmill for a 10-minute walk before bedtime. Good doggies!

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