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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Better and better

The past few days we have had no trouble on walks. Bella behaves like a lady, ignoring passersby. Spike trots steadily alongside with 2 smallish stones in his Outward Hound jacket pockets. Working dog? He thinks so.

I've left them on the enclosed sun porch a few times when I've had appointments. It has more room to roam than their crates and they stay warm with coats on. Their toys are played with (they're crazy at tug-of-war) but they're happy to see me, waiting at the door when they hear me get back.

After their morning walk, Bella pounced on Spike and wouldn't leave him alone. They got into a snarling match which I quickly put a stop to. She instigates their tussles - he's pretty laid back but let her know she stepped over the line today. She was surprised, yipped, and ran away.

They gulped chicken breasts for lunch today: the lucky dogs got the raw meat because a cooking date with a friend got canceled. They hopped in their crates when the sun went down and went to sleep without fussing. Good doggies!

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