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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walking on ice

Yup, we head out the door as usual around 8am. The dogs have two layers on: fleece, then a warm coat over. No boots for the dogs today: that's for snow which can freeze between their toes and damage their feet. They wait for W and me at the door while we bundle up to meet the 22oF morning.

Our driveway is deceptive. No slipping or sliding as we hike its steep gravel. The street is another matter.

We live on the side of a hill, perhaps a tenth of a mile from the top. It's the part of the walk I detest because my body is not warmed up yet. First we climb the 150' driveway, then tramp up 2 blocks to the intersection. (Wah wah. Whining, when I should be thankful that it is very good at trimming thighs and glutes.)

The top of Finn Hill is a plateau of gently rolling roads. I fall once, crossing a patch of ice that runs across a sidewalk. Yoga classes have improved my balance to where it's a slow controlled decent with no harm done. The dogs find their grip on the pavement and trot along behind, then beside, then in front with permission. Thankfully, there's no more pulling me headlong - they've become good walkers, and a good team.

We can't believe it. Instead of being tired out by 2 miles +, they are energized and frisky. W and I have oatmeal and tea for breakfast while they play. Then they can't wait for their food: chicken today. I wash their dishes, fill them with fresh water and poultry, and they spring into their crates, and chomp down. There's no sound but the munching and crunching by contented animals. Good doggies!

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