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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Socialization continues

Bella can be a wild thing around other people. Yesterday she growled and lunged at a neighbor as we passed by on the bike. She broke her leash last week to go after two dogs who were walking by peacefully. Today we had guests with two little kids: she snapped at one as he put his hand out to pet her while she was curled on the sofa. She'd smelled him, he'd done nothing threatening. She just wasn't confident about his approach.

I've had enough of sternly saying "No, Bella!" only to hear her growl and carry on. So we had the young boys pet her gently while I muzzled her with my hand. I also didn't let her retreat today under the DR table away from company, but made her sit with us among the conversation and laughter. At the end of the visit, she hung around and was friendly and not at all nippy.

She's such a beauty and such a sweety around us at home. I don't want her getting a yappy, nervous poodle reputation in our larger family and friend circle. It's time to bring her into the happy-go-lucky and relaxed state of Spike. He wins friends easily. Everyone wants to take him home.

The dogs went easily into their crates after company left. They haven't made a peep since, falling asleep in their dens. Good doggies!

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  1. I howp Bella getz soshalyzd good becorz reelaxed & hapy go luky is a good way for orl poodles to be, just lyk me