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Monday, December 13, 2010

Home at last

The dogs were delighted to come home Friday. W said they bounced, barked, and ran around when he went to pick them up. He brought them to the airport and I was so happy to see them. Thanks, hon!

That said, we are very satisfied with the care Alexis and her mom gave the dogs while I was gone. I'd highly recommend them to anyone on the north end of Lk WA (NE Seattle, upper Eastside). We'll definitely ask them to watch Spike and Bella next time we need a minder. Alexis had a brilliant idea: tie an old sock around Spike's middle to keep him from marking the house. Great idea! He didn't seem to mind and it kept their house clean.

We went out for a long walk Saturday morning. I was up early: Missouri time is two hours ahead. The dogs rolled out of their crates, still sleepy. Coats on to ward off the rain, leash coupler ready, and we headed up the steep driveway and into the neighborhoods. I bathed and groomed them both. Two fuzzballs. Such soft hair, what pleasure to stroke.

We did two shorter walks Sunday: two miles in the morning before church, in the pouring rain... of course it was raining after blowing out Bella's curls the day before. She was instantly fuzzy again. We walked just over a mile in a dry spell about 3.15pm. It was already getting dark when we got home at 3.45pm. Unbelievable. I'm ready for longer days!

This morning they were raring to go, so we did 2.5 miles. Bella is more than keeping up with Spike. She's fit and spunky. We were all happy that it was not raining!

This morning as I was wrapping gifts, the dogs played fetch and tug-of-war. Tug-of-cat, actually (photo above). No growls, just lots of stretching and pulling the Beanie Baby kitten. BB's are well made and hold up well to small dog antics. Spike bites the eyes out of the BBs, but Bella just tussles with them.

I sat down in the hall and was playing with both dogs today when I noticed they were playing together differently than I'd ever seen. I snuck away and they continued to roll over, bump, and run around the hallway without me. They had a great play date, the first time I've seen them interact with this kind of a romp. I wonder if it's because they were around Alexis' dog and learned to play together more.

I've been watching Dog Whisperer DVDs, which have clarified some of their behaviors. It's taken a while for them to interact as a pack, but we're in no hurry. I'm walking them differently, too, always in front and not playing with them until the "work" of the walk is over.

They're happy together. Lucky us!!! We have no major issues, and Spike hasn't had an accident inside the house for months. Good doggies!


  1. It is good to read that your two dogs are getting along so well. We all wish for such peaceful co-existence in your homes with pets.
    Hugs, Mistaya's mom, Gail

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty strict with them, but having laid-back Spike has made the transition from one (him) to two (adding Bella) easy. He just acted as though she'd always been here. Two lovely doggies.

  3. Thay look lyk thay ar having fun. I hav to play tug of wor wiv Mummy or Daddy becorz I am an ownly doggy in owr family. Bella looks just lyk me