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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toys and stuff

Spike got a shave at Petco, so naturally we had to check out the clearance section. I found a second harness ($2) and a few collars ($1.20 each). What I needed - leashes and a raincoat - were still outside my budget.

Spike's doing well at learning not to pee at every corner. Tug tug on the leash. From his excited sniffs, other dogs obviously hadn't been as disciplined. He scratched and rubbed himself all over when we got home. Probably itchy from his cut and getting used to his hair length = short.

He gets excited when I pull out the carrier and buckle it into the car. He hops onto the passenger seat, puts front paws on my arm to be scooped up, doesn't mind hind legs held as I fold him into the bucket, and doesn't squirm when I fasten a collar through the loops that hold him in.

When we drive, he loves to look out the window or he turns to me for a pat on the head. Good doggy!


  1. Welcome home Rosemarie, hope you had a great vacation! I know Spike is glad you're home. I had to laugh tho, just like when we left our kids with grandparents or sitters they get away with murder, but they know when we get home its time to tow the line!

  2. You mentioned how good Spike looks; I had hoped he would have a lovely face under his little mop. He continues to bring pleasure and be good company, even though he raided my kitchen garbage while I was cleaning out the china pantry. Bad doggie! Oh well, small things among so MUCH to love. :-)