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Monday, August 16, 2010

Home at last

Spike is happy to be home, and happy to see me.

I'm so thankful for Spike's great care while we were in Asia for 5 weeks. Thanks to Rachel and my daughter-in-love Melissa for pampering him.

Yesterday we took our first walk through the neighborhood together. It was one tug after another. Spike's inclined to run ahead and pull. He's been indulged while I've been gone, but sorry doggie... I'm back!

Tonight, after strictness yesterday and the morning walk, Spike was walking almost beside me. I had decided that when I got back from summer travels, Spikey would become a "GREAT" dog... good manners, no jumping on people, barking only on command, playing fetch and doing tricks when asked. He's on his way today, aided by a piece of sardine and tiny chunks of beef brisket (smoked for yesterday's lunch by my husband). This dog is food-driven and will do anything for a good treat.

I'm glad to be back, glad to have my dog around, and having fun! Can't imagine what I was missing before Spike came to live with us :-)

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