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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One week away

This morning, we were hopefully approved to adopt a bonded Bichon Frise twosome. Jack, a 7 year old male, and Jill, a 15 year old female, should be ready for rehoming with us a week from tomorrow. They're getting their teeth cleaned in Portland before coming our way.

My husband is less excited about this than I am: he goes off to work each day, while I'm home, having recently retired to study for an advanced degree. Our kids are grown and more gone than here. I can't hang out with the neighbors all day. So the house is often quiet, and I'm ready for companionship while I study and work around the place.

I was thinking about getting another little poodle, but our kids were weird in their teens by our wonderful princess mini-poodle, Katy. They wouldn't walk her or be seen with her in public. (Boys! embarrassed. So insecure.) I also considered adopting an adult chihuahua, but they seem pretty yippy and shed a lot of hair. I'm used to grooming and appreciated the non-shedding poodle hair. Bichons are supposed to be lively and cheerful, as well as fairly non-shedding.

Jack's healthy and Jill, almost blind from cataracts, is otherwise in good shape. Their life expectancy is 12-17 years, so we'll see how long she'll be with us. They sleep in a crate together and look out for each other, so I have to adopt both. They were pets with an elderly couple who went into care.

The fee? $75 per senior dog from the Bichon Rescue. I'm really looking forward to meeting them. This rescue requires no home visits, just references, phone interviews, adoption forms, and approval. Apparently the adoption success rate is high.

Looking forward to our new family friends!

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