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Monday, April 26, 2010

Change of plans

We don't hear from the foster home in Portland. Meanwhile, a shelter in Richland calls to say we can have Spike, the rescue poodle mix. At 12 lbs, he's a bundle of 3-4 year old energy. His adult dog fee is $100. For that, he's been neutered, his ears were cleaned, and he's on meds to get rid of the infection that festered inside. His teeth are scraped, nails are clipped, and his hair... oh, his hair has gone from a matted mess to a patchwork of razor burns (overly enthusiastic vet's assistant) and grooming (subsequent patch-up visit to the groomer.)

He's coming home with us Wednesday because I couldn't wait until Saturday to get him. I fell in love with his funny face online, so I can't wait to meet him and his foster mom Teri. She's a kind heart who takes in dogs to romp and learn pack behavior alongside her own two dogs.

We'll take her out for supper that evening, of course. It's our small token of thanks to all volunteers who care for the animals. THANKS, everyone. Means a lot to people like us who benefit by your hard work.

We have 'stuff' - extra (though worn) bedding for 8 or 9 crates that we'll drop off at the shelter. People gave us organic dog food, a crate and collar, and offered good deals on a pen with a roof, a car/bike/backpack carrier, and a porta-potty.

C'mere, Spike! We're ready for you. (We think!)


  1. He's just so gorgeous. We have had several rescue poodles in the past that have come from very neglectful homes. They were all in such a sad state both physically & emotionally. Our last one Misty aka Missy Moo was an ex-puppy farm breeding dog & after her last litter of puppies died they considered her no longer financially viable. Our good friend, also a poodle breder managed to get her for us. The mess she was in made both my wife & I cry as we tried to clean her up. She passed away 3 years ago now but we were so blessed to have been able to give her a loving home & spoil her rotten for the last 6 years of her life. We still miss her heaps. Dixie who we got from our breeder friend as an 8 week old pup 6 months after Misty died is the 1st Poodle we have had from a pup & is now 2 years old. We are both convinced that Poodles are absolutely the best dogs ever.

  2. I agree about Poodles! There is no dog so willing to please, so full of personality and spunk, and so much fun to be around. There's such a difference between Terrier mix Spike and purebred Toy Poodle Bella. She's uncanny in anticipating what I want. Spike's more of a "dog" - while Bella sometimes thinks she's a person. Good fun.

    Did you enjoy raising a puppy or would you get another adult next time around?