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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Car ride

It must be confusing to be a dog. The owner straps you into a backpack, puts you in the car where you can peek over the top of the restraints, rides you around for a while, then takes you out, and you are back home.

Or, like today, the owner straps you in, puts you in the car..., gets out and puts your backpack into a shopping cart at Dunn Lumber, and rides you around for a while. People swarm the crate, pet you on the head, and coo at you.

If you're really lucky, you get some Mexican food scraps after doing your business in the back of a parking lot, too. Then you ride around for a while, the owner takes you out, and you are back home.

"What just happened here?" asks Spike. "Though I prefer this to staying home in my crate."

What he doesn't know is we'll do it all again tomorrow. I'll give him a bath first thing, let him dry, and then he''s off to Petco for a haircut!

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  1. Hi Spike! How was your trip to Petco??? Did you really get a "haircut"?? I am to big to fit in one of those backpack things so I get to run on my leash alot. But I don't get to go into any stores that my people go in...darn...they look like fun!
    Please stop by my blog sometime... http:/
    hugs and wags, Mistaya